How to create a featured product in WooCommerce

A particularly useful feature that WooCommerce provides is the ability to add featured products. If one of your products is featured, then it will appear anywhere the WooCommerce product widget is used. Many WooCommerce themes showcase featured products somewhere prominent. This can help put several products into the limelight when they may otherwise fade into the background.

It’s fairly simple to feature products, however it might not be obvious to someone who hasn’t used WooCommerce before. But no worries! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have featured products on your site in no time.

Creating products (If you need to)

To add a new product, click on the “Products” section of the dashboard sidebar.

Next, you need to click the button towards the top of the page labelled “Add Product”.Better add newFrom here you can enter a name, description, regular price and sale price for the new product along with a multitude of other things that all have confusing names. One thing to note is that when creating a product you must give it a unique SKU ID.

Once you are happy with your product, you simply need to press the “Publish” button on the right hand side of the screen.Add Product PublishAnd that’s it, you’ve just created your first product with WooCommerce! For the purposes of this demonstration I’ve just made three very simple products with nothing more than a name and a price.

Now that you have some products, it’s time to feature them. First, you’ll need to click on the “Products” section of the dashboard sidebar. Once there, you will see a table showing information for each product that you have created.

Method 1: Featuring a product from the products table

To feature a product, simply press the outline of a star in the table alongside the product. The outline will then be replaced by a solid star, indicating that the product is now featured.Product Table

Close up product table

Method 2: Featuring products in bulk

To feature a group of products at once, simply select the tick box next to any products you want to feature, set the dropdown below the table to “Edit” and press the “Apply” button adjacent to it. A new form similar to the following should appear:From here just change the dropdown labelled “Featured” to “Yes” and press the “Update” button pointed out in the screenshot.Product Bulk

Method 3: Featuring a product from the edit product page

To feature a product from the edit product page,  On the right hand side of the page you should see some text reading “Catalog visibility: Catalog/search” and next to it an “Edit” link.
EditClick this link and some new options should appear, including a tick box labelled “Featured Product”. Tick this box and click the “Update” button.
Featured Product

And that’s it! It’s as easy as that to feature products using WooCommerce. In most instances if you are using a WooCommerce theme then your featured products will be displayed without you having to any additional work! However, if they are not displayed then you can simply add the WooCommerce products widget to your site wherever you’d like them to be displayed.

Adding the WooCommerce product widget

To add the WooCommerce product widget to your site hover over “Appearance” in the dashboard sidebar and click “Widgets”. From there, locate the WooCommerce product widget on the left hand side. It should look like this:


Once you have located it simply drag and drop it over to the  “Widget Area” on the right hand side of the screen so that it looks something like this:

Widget Area

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